Progress since the fire

Since the fire was reported in the Derby Telegraph we have been touched by the many offers of support we have received to help us put things right. Funding is being provided by Toyota, Western Power, Littleover Business Group and Tom Carey Fund to clear up the debris and to provide new tools and equipment for the school group. Donations have also come from the Rowditch pub and Kedleston Road allotments. Mr Green and Mr Tunicliffe have provided us with two sheds and two greenhouses to replace those destroyed in the fire.

The school are moving on to a new plot for a fresh start; students from Broomfield College and members of the association have given their time to help clear the plot ready for cultivation and a skip provided by Metallon Ltd.

Very many thanks to all the organisations, businesses and individuals who have helped us out with funding and time – we couldn’t have done it without you and can now look forward to the future with renewed optimism.

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Open Day

Thanks to everyone who came to our open day this year on Sunday August 12th.We raised over 130 pounds for association funds.

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New pond

Our new pond in the wildlife garden:

Thanks to Sally Ann and Sandra for making this happen, and to the community payback team for providing the labour.



First sighting this week of the red admiral:

This would be the offspring of ones that overwintered here as the new wave of arrivals from the continent haven’t arrived yet. And according to Ken Orpe, the recorder for the East Midlands branch of Butterfly Conservation, only the fourth to be seen in the county so far this year.

In May there were numerous speckled woods on site – some of the highest numbers in the county according to Ken, making our site a “hot spot” for this species.

Butterflies are one of the best indicators of the health of the environment so it goes to show how valuble our site is for wildlife as well as keeping us fed. You can help butterflies by not being too quick to strim down long grass, brambles and nettles at the back of your plot – these provide an ideal habitat for them and their larvae. Obviously you don’t want these to overcome your growing area but leaving some space for wildlife benefits us all.

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Have you moved?

Please could members make sure they inform the secretary of any change of address or any other contact details ie phone or email address. We need this information as in the past we have been unable to contact some members about urgent issues. We will never share your contact information with third parties. Thankyou.


Open Day

Thanks to everyone who donated produce and plants to sell at our open day on 21st August. We had a really good turnout and raised 140 pounds for association funds.

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Plotholders should be aware that it is their responsibility to keep their hedges cut – both sides and top – some hedges that have not been cut are restricting access along the main paths. We no longer have the community payback team helping us with this. If you are unable to cut your hedge yourself then you should make arrangements for someone to do the work for you.

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