Plots available

As of June 2016 we have 6 plots available for rent at £40 a year. If you are interested in viewing a plot please contact our site secretary Sandra on Derby 365943.

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6 Responses to Plots available

  1. Mark dawson says:

    I wondering if anyone could tell me if there are any plots available at this site, I have recently moved to the area (Harrison street) and am looking at getting an allotment plot, we currently have a plot at another allotment site but are finding it is to far away now.

    Many thanks

  2. Simon Beavis says:

    Hi Mark I think the current situation is that we have a small waiting list but are expecting some plots to become available very soon. I suggest you phone our secretary Sandra on the number in the post to get your name down.

  3. Elvir says:


    I’m a local beekeeper and looking for some land to place a few hives. I was wondering if you were interested and if you have small plots available?

  4. Simon Beavis says:

    Hi Elvir, sorry but we already have a person keeping bees on our site and are not taking any more.

  5. Zedh foley says:


    Are there any plots available at the moment?



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